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Are you spending a weekend in Tbilisi and you have already seen all the churches and usual touristic sights? Tbilisi is not only about colourful balconies and ancient temples. It is also a crossroads of empires and their urban styles. The most condemned one has of course been Soviet Union and especially its architecture. But we think that even the comunism left us some treasures, especially the brutalist buildings built in 70s! Take this one day tour with an experienced urban explorer and get to know a different layer of our ancient city. Please keep in mind that this tour takes place only on the weekends.

Tour Plan
Abandoned bath The baths were built in the 70s, there was a large complex, but some part of it has been built much earlier. It was abandoned in the beginning of 2000s. There were spas for men and women. There were also private rooms. The reason for the abandonment of this place is unknown.
Dry bridge A funky flea market of Tbilisi where you can find a variety of weird items starting from Stalin’s Paining and Lenin’s bust to different antique artifact, video & audio cassettes of 90s, cutlery from Soviet era, old cameras, strange souvenirs, etc.etc.
Civil defense bunker Many people still remember the times when the start of a nuclear war was an omnipresent threat. Check how was the Soviet Union getting ready for the moment when one of the sides presses the red button.
Nutsubidze plateau Surreal sight of a not-just-an-ordinary soviet apartment block building.
Former Ministry of Highway Construction Now Bank of Georgia. A brutalist building resembling a giant concrete crossword.
Treligora water reservoir A dome shaped construction build in 1985, located in an elevated place. After construction it used to supply Digomi and Vashlijvari settlement with fresh water.
Abandoned cable car station at Lisi Nitsubidze Back then there was a great plan to make the recreational places more accessible for the population. This Ropeway was part of it. Opened on 4 August 1978, it connected Nutsubidze street and Lisi Lake. The length of the rope was 1112 meters, the ourney from one station to another took 3-4 minutes.
Chronicle of Georgia by Zurab Tsereteli We call it Georgian Stonehenge. Maybe one day the future scientists will be wondering what this massive monument on the hill in Temka represented. It shows famous events of glorious Georgian history.


5-8 hours


Adventure, Day trip


Personal Guide, Lunch, Transportation

Dress Code

Hiking Shoes/boots, comfortable clothing, flashlight

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