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About Us


In Georgian “Pilpili“ means pepper. We try our best to “spice up” our tours with extra flavor, beyond the standard tourist experience. Whether you are a nature lover, keen about traditional music, or political situation, we will work with you to meet your interests.

Would you like to visit a place or have an experience which you didn’t find in one of our tours? Organize a specific trip? Add some aspect to already existing destination? Let us know and we will do our best to find the most satisfying personalized solutions for you!

We make sure that both our clients and the local community benefit from the growth of the tourism in Georgia. We are all for fair work, we work with the local businesses, stay with local people and make sure to avoid the tourist traps during all our trips.

We believe that nature is Georgia’s one of the biggest treasures and we do all we can to protect it. “Leave no trace” is an important part of our philosophy, especially in mountains. We ensure that our tours are organized with the highest respect to the natural environment.


We are a young team that has a simple goal: To show you the best out of Georgia. We will introduce you with its beautiful nature, rich culture, share the tales about its past and help you understand its most recent developments. We have lived in various places, travelled the world, seen many of its wonders, hiked dozens of mountains and worked with many international groups. Then we decided to come back to Georgia and create beautiful experiences for those who are coming to see our country. We are ready to experiment, offer you an adventure and a peek to the backstage, behind the usual tourist facades and “tourist traps.” We chose responsible tourism and have sustainable mindset. At the same time, we strive to achieve the highest standards of the services that we offer to our clients. We take the responsibility, so you can relax and enjoy.


Ucha, the CEO of Pilpilio, is a big nature lover. He has hiked through whole Georgia and many places abroad. He holds master’s degree in tourism management and has several years of experience in the field. Besides, Ucha specializes in Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning in the nature. He has comprehensive experience in the field of youth work, training and non-formal education.


Rati is into business development, marketing and logistics. He has lived and studied logistics management in China and South Korea for 4 years combined. He likes exploring different cultures and is open to adventures. His main direction in Pilpilio is exploring new development opportunities, networking and finances.


Davit loves Tbilisi and its speed. As the rest of the team, Davit loves hikes in mountains and traveling around the world. Since 2003 Davit has been involved in the youth field, and participated and organized different international projects. In Pilpilio he is responsible for the website and multimedia content.